McDonald Village
To ensure safety, the Village of McDonald requires permits for construction, including the building of
homes, garages, fences, and pools. Certain permits may also be required for construction from the
Trumbull County Health and Building Departments. Additionally, permits are required for businesses
permits. Copies of all village permits can be found on this page and also at the Village Administration
Building at 451 Ohio Avenue.
Common Permits
These permits are often requested by businesses
Business-Oriented Permits
McDonald Village, Ohio: Administration Building, 451 Ohio Avenue, Phone: (330) 530-5472,
This form must be completed with all building permits.
Security Check form for Residents
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Anyone wishing to have a Garage Sale  
can pick up an informational packet at the
Municipal Office before sale is scheduled.
Residents applying for a permit must have the contractor register with the
Village before the permit is approved.  Ord. #3206-17
The registered contractor information available on this website may contain inaccuracies or may be incomplete.
This information is updated periodically, may change without notice, and is provided as a reference only. The
Village does not and will not recommend any particular contractor and strongly encourages contractor references
to be obtained prior to entering into a contract with a contractor. To obtain further information on a contractor,
please call the Village office at 330-530-5472 Monday - Friday 8:00am to 4:30 pm.