McDonald Fire Department
Fire Chief: Todd Stitt
For Fire and Medical Emergency   
Dial     911
Non-emergency                  330-675-2730
Fire Department Info.         330-530-5472
The McDonald Fire Department was founded in November of 1920 and since that time has
continued to provide fire and emergency medical protection to the residents of our fine village.

The department currently operates with 2 fire engines, 2 Advanced Life Support Ambulances and a
Fire Chief's vehicle. We also proudly maintain the original fire truck which is a 1916 Model-T Ford.

We are currently staffed with 26 fire fighters and the station is manned by 2 firefighters/EMT/
Paramedics between the hours of 8:00am and 5pm Monday - Friday. Public Service, such as, blood
pressure checks and blood glucose screening are provided daily. All fire and medical
emergencies on weekends are covered by our Volunteer staff and we respond to approximately
300 - 350 calls annually.

Consistent training and continued education of the members of the McDonald Fire Department
will continue to provide the very best fire and emergency medical services as in the past, to the
residents of Ohio's Finest Village.

It is with great pride that we announce The McDonald Fire Department
                                 has been chosen as

2015 Ohio Volunteer Fire Department of the Year

This is the first time the department has received this award and was
chosen after review by a committee from the State Firefighter and
Safety Inspector Training Committee and Ohio Department of Public
Safety Division of Emergency Medical Services. It is based on the
department operations and also how well we serve the community.
With hundreds of Volunteer Fire Departments in the State of Ohio, it is
truly a great honor for the  department, Village and our residents.